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"It is natural that doubt should arise in your minds.

I tell you not to believe merely because it has been handed down by tradition, or because it had been said by some great personage in the past, or because it is commonly believed, or because others have told it to you, or even because I myself have said it...

The Buddha

... But whatever you are asked to believe, ask yourself whether it is true in the light of your experience, whether it is in conformity with reason and good principles and whether it is conducive to the highest good and welfare of all beings, and only if it passes this test, should you accept it and act in accordance with it."

- The Buddha
  Kalama Sutta, Anguttara Nikaya.


Islam will Destroy Buddhism

Biology Evolution Accepting our evolutionary history does not mean rejecting our spirituality
Dukkha and evolution
Evolution and Buddhism
Symbiosis of Mind and Body

Culture Art Buddhist Art News
Himalayan (mostly Buddhist) Art 
Kadampa Buddhist Art and Symbolism
Himalayan Art Resources
Tashi Mannox - contemporary and traditional iconography
Temple Treasures of a Sacred Mountain
Thai Contemporary Buddhist Art
Tibetan Calligraphy and Iconography
Why Beauty Matters - Roger Scruton

History Buddhism in pre-Christian Britain
Buddhism and Greek (Hellenistic) Culture

General The Berzin Archives
Faith and Reason in Buddhism
Glossary of Buddhist terms
Studies in Buddhadharma - site map
Subjects A - Z
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats to Buddhism in the West (SWOT analysis)

Interfaith Buddhism Dharma Jewel:  Multiple facets - Multiple schools
Four Seals - the definitive characteristics of Buddhism that differentiate it from other religions.
Bias against Buddhist Philosophy in Western Universities

Christianity Buddhism and Christianity
Buddhist origins of Christianity
Culturally Christian
Genesis versus science

Druidism Buddhists and Druids in pre-Christian Britain
Flame from a distant altar

Jihadism The long and bloody jihad against Buddhism
Jihadism versus Buddhism in Burma (Myanmar)
969 in Burma
Bodu Bala Sena

Judaism Jubus

Rationalism Reason versus dogma

Wicca Wicca and Buddhism

Mathematics Algorithmic Compression and Compressibility
Dumbing Down Computer Education by Neglect of Coding
Empty Set - how numbers arise out of emptiness
Godel's Incompleteness Theorem
The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in Science and Engineering
Alan Turing and Buddhism

Meditation Meditation - Introduction
Meditation - Videos
OM AH HUM Meditation

Philosophy Aesthetics Why Beauty Matters - Roger Scruton

Computationalism Algorithms - any system which cannot in principle  be simulated by an algorithm must have a non-physical component
Artificial Intelligence - the failure of computationalism as an explanation of the mind.
Emergent phenomena - why the mind is not an emergent property of the brain.
Minds, machines and meaning
Science and Buddhism

Epistemology Nagarjuna and the Limits of Thought

Materialism Buddhism versus materialism
Reverse Engineering the Dharma
The 'Hard Problem' of Consciousness

Ontology Compound and Composite Phenomena
Emptiness - Sunyata        

Emptiness - Yogic and Philosophical approaches

Existence, impermanence and emptiness
Indra's net
Inherent existence
Permanence and Permanent Phenomena
Process Philosophy and Buddhism

Physics Essentialism, Physics and the Chemical Elements
Quantum Phenomena, Buddhism and Mind
Partless Particles
The Participatory Universe
Time and Impermanence in Buddhism and Modern Physics  
Non-algorithmic and non-physical phenomena
Subtle impermanence, the quantum vacuum, causality, randomness and radioactivity

Practice Anger Management
Lucid Dreaming
Sacred Springs
Samsaric Gods

Psychology Buddhist mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) beats depression
Emptiness of the Mind
Emptiness of the Ego and Tantra
Generic images and Generally Characterized Phenomena
Parietal Lobe
Psychedelic Buddhism and the use of Entheogens
The Four Noble Truths
The Mind And Life Institute
The Three Poisons of the Mind

Sociology Engaged Buddhism
Patriarchy versus Thealogy

Technology Buddhism in a Global Age of Technology


Buddhism in Everyday Life
The Daily Meditation



If we regard Buddhism as a combination of a philosophy, psychology and religion, then how much mileage can we get from the first two aspects before we have to start invoking religious faith?     

Find out how far you can get in Buddhism before you
have to mention the F-word.