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Red Khandarohi is the Yogini of the west. Reciting her mantra OM KHANDAROHI HUM HUM PHAT clears out and drives away obstacles such as harmful spirits who might interfere with the blessing of the inner offering of the five meats and five nectars.

The wrathful female Deity Khandarohi is responsible for dispelling obstacles and hindrances. She is also known as the 'goddess of action' and her mantra is called 'the action mantra'. While reciting this mantra we imagine countless red Khandarohi Goddesses emanating from our heart. They disperse in all directions and drive away any negative forces that might obstruct the blessing of the inner offering. We then reabsorb the Goddesses into our heart.  [Essence of Vajrayana - Geshe Kelsang Gyatso]

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