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Castlerigg - Midsummer

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Celtic Buddhism
"...Trungpa Rinpoche felt that a culture needed to deal with its own history, mythology and social structure in its relationship to Buddhism. He also felt that these cultural aspects were most difficult to understand because of their transparency and that the practitioner should investigate fully his or her cultural background and its illusionary nature. In Trungpa's travels with Seonaidh, particularly to Ireland, they had many long discussions about the early nature-based Celtic religion and also the Celtic Christian Church. Before Rinpoche's death in 1987, he told Seonaidh that he should go out on his own and start a lineage. This seemed highly impractical to Seonaidh, but after Trungpa Rinpoche's death he decided he had no other choice but to follow his teachers directive. He established the first small group of Celtic Buddhist students in 1989..."