An automaton is a finite state input/output device.  The device has a finite (though possibly very large) set of internal states. Transition from one internal state to another either occurs by internal stepwise sequential progression or in response to external stimuli.  The internal states, inputs and outputs of an automaton have no inherent meaning. Any meaning (semantics) must be assigned from outside the system.


Arguments against Buddhism
Refuting Buddhist doctrines.

The very subtle mind
'...The mind is neither physical, nor a by-product of purely physical processes, but a formless continuum that is a separate entity from the body. When the body disintegrates at death, the mind does not cease. Although our superficial conscious mind ceases, it does so by dissolving into a deeper level of consciousness, called 'the very subtle mind'. The continuum of our very subtle mind has no beginning and no end....'

Minds, Machines and Mathematics - David J. Chalmers

Beyond the Doubting of a Shadow A Reply to Commentaries on Shadows of the Mind
by Roger Penrose

See also Artificial Intelligence, Formless Mind.
non-algorithmic phenomena

If we regard Buddhism as a combination of a philosophy, psychology and religion, then how much mileage can we get from the first two aspects before we have to start invoking religious faith?

Christian versus Buddhist worldviews

Buddhism in Everyday Life
The Daily Meditation