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If we regard Buddhism as a combination of a philosophy, psychology and religion, then how much mileage can we get from the first two aspects before we have to start invoking religious faith?
1-Jan-2003 Buddhist Teachings On the mind, personal relationships, meditation and the spiritual path.
15-Nov-2002 Buddhism, Shamanism and the use of entheogens Opening the doors of perception
18-Jul-2002 Site Summary Busy person's disproof of materialism.
11-JUL-2002 Introduction to Buddhism A short passage in Richard Dawkins' classic 'THE SELFISH GENE' forms the basis of an introduction to Buddhist philosophy
7-JUL-2002 Symbolism, Visualization and Ritual Techniques for transforming the root mind.
9-JUN-2002 Sociology of Scientific Knowledge - SSK From the mid 1970s to the late 1990s a cluster of irrationalist or anti-rationalist ideas became increasingly prevalent among academic sociologists in America, France and Britain. The ideas were variously known as Deconstructionism, Sociology of Scientific Knowledge, (SSK), Social Constructivism, or Science and Technology Studies (STS). 
6-JUN-2002 Emergence - is the mind an emergent property of the brain? The mind cannot be an emergent property of the brain or any other physical system, since emergent properties and emergent phenomena are psychological in origin, and require the pre-existence of an observer's mind in order to become manifest.
3-JUN-2002 Paradigm shifts Proactive Paradigm Shifts and New Paradigms in Science, Religion and Spirituality reveal the need for cromulant words to embiggen the vocabulary of discourse.
1-MAY-2002 Einstein Was Albert Einstein a Buddhist?
22-MAR-2002 Richard Dawkins on Buddhism Prof Richard Dawkins gives his views on Buddhism and other religions.
10-MAR-2002 Tantra Changing the basis of imputation of the self.
2-MAR-2002 God For in Him we live, and move, and have our being.
15-FEB-2002 Metaphysics Metaphysics deals with phenomena which are either more basic than physics, or beyond the reach of physical methods of analysis and understanding.
9-SEP-2001 Unreasonable effectiveness The unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics in science and engineering.
31-JUL-2001 anti-Buddhism anti-Buddhist arguments
28-JUL-2001 Mind and Soul Mind, Soul and Afterlife in Christianity and Buddhism
15-JUL-2001 Transpersonal Psychology One Universal Mind or many individual minds?
14-JUL-2001 Universal Mind?

How many minds are there - many or one?

14-JUL-2001 Nonalgorithmic Updated to include a discussion of the limits of science in the study of mind.
3-JUL-2001 Christianity and Buddhism Buddhism and Science, Fundamentalism and Original Sin.
10-JUN-2001 parietal New module - recent controversy regarding parietal lobe and relgious experience
14-OCT-2000 empty set New module - Buddhist philosophy and the origins of mathematics
12-OCT-2000 formless mind Rewritten with meditation added.
13-AUG-2000 feminine spirituality New module
30-JUL-2000 wicca New module
6-JUN-2000 materialism Complete rewrite
5-JUN-2000 formless mind New link to 'Implications of a Fundamental Consciousness' by Copthorne MacDonald.
12-MAY-2000 rebirth New link to excellent article 'Reincarnation as taught by early Christians'.
1-MAY-2000 algorithms Links to 'Datastructures and algorithms' and
'Dictionary of Algorithms'
1-MAY-2000 judgementalism Link to 'Politically incorrect salvation'
30-APR-2000 rebirth Substantial rewrite
Buddhism in Everyday Life
The Daily Meditation